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The Shul Boys Mitzah for Menorah Park

It is a rare blessing to be able to do something purely out of the goodness of one heart and see the joy that the action creates. But on July 9th 2023, 45 Shul Boys and Girlz, on 34 bikes paid a visit to the Menorah Park campus and enjoyed just such a blessing.

The much talked about event was the inspiration of Rabbi Akiva Feinstein and David Rosenblatt did not disappoint as we stopped at Wiggins Place and R. H. Meyers Appartments and then rode a parade throughout the campus.

The pleasure and joy was visible on the faces of the residents, as it was on those Shul Boys & Girlz that participated.

The event was reported by the Cleveland Jewish News. To read the complete article click on the button below.



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