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Shul Boys Motorcycle Riding Club

Mitzvah Membership:

Cost: $36

Mazel membership:



Mensch Membership:
Includes Membership, Cost: $90


Macher Membership:
Includes Membership, Cost: $180


Open Membership:

Includes Membership, Cost: Whatever you wish to donate

Welcome New Shul Boys Members


           You will find two documents enclosed in one PDF.

1. Membership application                   

2. Waiver and release of liability form


If you have any questions or need any help with filling out the form, please email or fax to 216.292.0492.

Membership Application

Pay Your Annual Dues Heree

Instructions for NEW Members:

Complete the checklist below, download and fill out the application and fax or email it to us. 

  1. Download the Application Packet Pdf

  2. Complete the application

  3. Save the PDF to your computer

  4. Use the email link on the right and send us your application as an attachment

  5. You will receive a confirmation email