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Bruce Ente's Euphoric Adventure

Since this Blog page was created after Bruce left for is whirlwind motorcycle odyssey, the first entries are missing. Here we find Bruce camping out in Rampart Creek Campgrounds out side of Banff Alberta.


Camping tonight (7/25/17) at Rampart Creek campground in Banff. View of campsite, then turn 90 degrees to see the mountain overlooking it! Dinner of beef jerky, stewed tomatoes, washed down with fresh-brewed pour-over coffee.

Thus refreshed, I decided on a hike at dusk along the Glacier Lakes trail -- only 2.2 km roundtrip -- from Icefields Parkway (highway) to the bridge crossing the North Saskatchewan River. What a view, with the setting sun illuminating the granite mountain peaks, some with snow, some bare.

I could have taken a hundred pictures; there's

a spectacular vista around every curve! I understand better the appeal of a Go-Pro helmet-mounted video camera -- which still couldn't capture the magnificent scenery in all its glory.

Now time for another sound night's sleep, high up in the cool Rocky Mountains.