More on Bruce's Cross-Continental Trip

Updated: Jun 9

On Sunday I had to come to grips with the reality that my wonderful cross-continental trip is coming to an end, and turn south toward the US border in eastern Manitoba. I had gotten on the road only at noon, because I wanted to do one last hike in a Canadian national park, the Moon Lake Trail in Riding Mountain NP. Peaceful, fragrant, lush -- and blessedly free of mosquitos.

North Dakota looks amazingly like Manitoba, except the health care system is a lot worse. Same horizon-to-horizon 360 degree view of farmland in every direction; maybe not as "majestic" as the Rocky Mountains, but impressive in its own way.

I rode on several hours past dark because I wanted to make the next day's ride to Chicago as manageable as possible, plus I'd lost another hour to the change from Mountain to Central Daylight Time. Finally, close to midnight, Bemidji Lake State Park (MN) appeared and I rode around the "Closed" barricade, set up camp and had beef jerky with peas and carrots at 1 a.m.

What made the $23 campground fee totally worth it was the first shower I'd had in seven days, since leaving Vancouver! After a week of hot and humid motorcycling, camping every night, barely changing clothes, I can hardly describe the luxury of a hot shower and shampoo! And at 2:00 a.m. I had ALL the hot water I wanted -- I was literally in heaven, and clean!!