Our Vision 

Our vision is to provide a safe motorcycle riding environment for individuals of like interests and Jewish background to support each other and the community at large.  We respect a wide variety of viewpoints and opinions, so long as they comport with our Vision and Mission Statement.

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Our Mission

Shul Boys is a casual, unisex, Jewish motorcycle riding club whose members ride all brands of motorcycles at different levels of competence. We practice religious beliefs at different levels with no judgment as to individual practices. The common ground is that we believe in, and are proud of, our Jewish heritage and ride motorcycles. The Shul Boys, founded in 2006, is located in northeastern Ohio.  Shul Boys is an official affiliate club under the umbrella of the Jewish Motorcycle Alliance (JMA). At the time of this writing there are 42 clubs like ours in the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and Israel.